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Cava Viazza: lots II and III in operation

The second (4.953,6 kWp) and third (4.953,6 kWp) lots of  the PV plants developed by ENERMILL  and located at the Viazza quarry of  Cigliano (VC) have been operative since 28/07/2011. Once again SOLAND acted  as EPC contractor.

These 2 lots join the original lot with an output of 5.962,98 kWp, which went into operation at the end of December 2010, bringing the energy output to a total of 15.870,18 kWp.

In just 4 months of work, involving 12 firms and about 60 men a day, the project in the quarry (about  440.000 square metres of land) was finally completed successfully.

The whole plant, which complies with the IV Energy Bill, has an expected production of over 20.000.000 kWh/year.

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Inaugurazione I lotto parco FV

Inaugurato il nuovo parco FV della potenza di 5.962,98 kWp. Località: Cigliano (VC).

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