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Inauguration of lot I of the PV park

On Thursday 14 April 2011, the inauguration took place of lot I of the Photovoltaic park created at Cigliano (VC) by ENERMILL, in collaboration with EPC SOLAND.
The work, which began in August, was completed in December 2010, involving 10 firms and an average of  50 men a day.

The inauguration celebrated the achievement of the first goal of the ENERMILL plants in Cava Viazza. Currently work on the development of lots II and III is underway and due to be finished  by August 2011.

More than 350 people attended the ceremony, including the Right Honourables Realacci and Bobba.
After the cutting of the ribbon, visitors had the opportunity to walk through the park and see for themselves  how  a photovoltaic plant works.

The company would like to thank  everyone who helped to achieve this important goal!

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