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ENERMILL's decision to focus on 3 renewable technologies (wind, solar and geothermal) was made partly with a view to achieving success on the market of energy production from renewable sources, now much more reliable, developed and competitive than in the past, and partly with a view to proposing complete solutions to make buildings (both domestic and industrial) energy efficient and eco-friendly, in that they are 100% powered by renewable energy (especially when PV and geothermal are integrated to produce electricity and thermal energy sufficient for the total needs of the user).

The company's investments in the 3 technologies follow market trends, if possible anticipating them and seizing opportunities as soon as they arise, developing proprietary plants in partnership with  FONTEOLICA, SOLAND and GEONOVIS, and adapting methodologies and commitment to specific requirements.

Thus investments in the photovoltaic sector in recent years have been considerably greater on account of  the incentives offered by the Italian Feed-In Tariffs Programs.

The Photogallery in the photovoltaic section illustrates the plants which are direct investments by ENERMILL since 2006. Lately special attention has been paid to the market sector of ground  PV plants. Recent developments include:

  • in 2009 ( operative since December 2009) the first PV park consisting of 144 bi-axial sun trackers generating 6,3 kWp each, with a total output of 907,20 kWp, situated in Regione Moleto, Borgo d'Ale (VC)


  • in 2010 (operative since March 2011) completion of the first lot ( generating 5.962,98 kWp) of the PV park created at the former TAV quarry of Cigliano, using steel structures placed  in the ground without the use of concrete.


  • in mid- 2011 the second lot was also completed (operative since  July 2011), with a further  2 plants (generating 9.926,4 kWp) which have raised the total output of power at the quarry to 15,889 MWp.


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