eolico fotovoltaico geotermia

In order to guarantee the quality of its products the company has from the start worked in close collaboration with leading partners in the various sectors, both in the field of industrial  components  and financial services.

In selecting components, the industrial group, which has more than thirty years of experience, works with partners who have been leaders in the market for decades and are strong enough to be able to guarantee their continuing presence in years  to come, a necessary condition in the world of renewables where plants must work profitably for 35-40 years.
The suppliers are selected at the top end of the market, to provide absolute quality and professional service, and are consulted constantly so as to guarantee maximum productivity and long-term efficiency of the plants, a fundamental condition for good returns on investments.

Technical reports are kept by the partners who use the different products in the development of the  plants; specifications of the various products used are outlined on the partners' sites:

ENERMILL works closely with the main national banks, finalizing the agreements that regulate access to financing for the proprietary plants and those of the customers.

Notably, the large PV plant projects were realized thanks to financing by Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit,  and leasings from Leasint and Unicredit Leasing.

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Messi in esercizio il II e III loto degli impianti in Cava Viazza a Cigliano (VC).

Inaugurazione I lotto parco FV

Inaugurato il nuovo parco FV della potenza di 5.962,98 kWp. Località: Cigliano (VC).

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