eolico fotovoltaico geotermia

ENERMILL Energie Rinnovabili S.r.l. was established in 2004 as a diversification of a company which had operated for over 25 years in the mechanical engineering-automotive sector. It is now group leader of firms specialised in the construction of plants for the production of electricity and thermal energy using renewable sources.

ENERMILL's mission is to help its customers to meet their objectives in terms of energy savings  and environmental protection and to ensure economic returns on their initial investments, while guaranteeing all the necessary support to identify the solution that best suits their requirements.

ENERMILL, drawing on the experience and competence of the group, designs and develops projects for the production of energy from its own renewable sources and in partnership with external companies to supply custom-made and turn-key plants.
In particular, ENERMILL invests directly in renewable technologies, by developing proprietary plants.

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Cava Viazza: II e III lotto in esercizio

Messi in esercizio il II e III loto degli impianti in Cava Viazza a Cigliano (VC).

Inaugurazione I lotto parco FV

Inaugurato il nuovo parco FV della potenza di 5.962,98 kWp. Località: Cigliano (VC).

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