eolico fotovoltaico geotermia

An ideal partner for those who believe that renewable energies represent a commitment to the future  and a real chance to grow today, ENERMILL is committed in  taking up the challenges and opportunities  that will arise in the years to come in the  renewable energy market.

For this reason the firm has always focused on two aspects to ensure continuity for itself and for its customers:

  • The creation of a totally internal, highly skilled team for the production of turn-key plants.
  • Substantial investments in the field of research and development in order to stay ahead when strategic choices need to be made.

Among the main factors that have contributed to the growth of ENERMILL, the creation of a completely internal and highly specialised team was fundamental, drawing on a range of  professional skills to ensure the continuity of projects both in the design and development stages and in the management area, where competence is essential to maintain long-term efficiency of the plants and to guarantee returns on customers' considerable initial investments.

The heterogeneity which is the hallmark of the organisation enables staff to handle every aspect of customers' investments, from the design and production of the plants to the management of bureaucratical/official procedures, routine and extra maintenance, and everything connected with the operation of the plant; moreover, collaboration with external professionals for specific activities  (such as S.I.A., V.I.A., geological studies of terrains, reports and structural calculations) shortens the time required  to obtain the necessary authorizations.

In proof of the confidence it has placed in the "green economy" market, ENERMILL invests directly in renewable energies (wind, solar and geothermal) with proprietary plants  developed in partnership with SOLAND and GEONOVIS.
This is a further guarantee for customers as the company will always invest in new technical improvements for its plants, which represent the future of the firm, and while managing its own investments, will also have its customers' interests at heart.


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