eolico fotovoltaico geotermia

Controlling energy costs and reducing emissions are important objectives for everybody: the 20-20-20 directive, which aims to cut CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, will make it obligatory, as of June 2012, to equip all new buildings and renovation projects with renewable energy plants.

ENERMILL and GEONOVIS have seized the new opportunities offered by this rapidly growing  market sector: we design and produce geothermal plants with low enthalpy for  the air-conditioning of buildings (heating and cooling ) and the production of water, by using an inexhaustible resource that is available everywhere: the heat of the earth.

Operating in the area of Piedmont and the Aosta Valley, we provide a comprehensive service, from the assessment of requirements and geological characteristics of the site, to the design and creation of the custom-made plant; we assist the customer with all bureaucratical procedures, with obtaining access to government incentives, as well as providing after-sales service.


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Cava Viazza: II e III lotto in esercizio

Messi in esercizio il II e III loto degli impianti in Cava Viazza a Cigliano (VC).

Inaugurazione I lotto parco FV

Inaugurato il nuovo parco FV della potenza di 5.962,98 kWp. Località: Cigliano (VC).

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